Högsåra and Farmor’s Café

Högsåra close to Jungfrusund, the gateway to the archipelago, the land of the sandy heaths and pine trees, has been marked on our maps for centuries. Even the Vikings passed by, and during the centuries Swedish kings, Russian tsars, Finnish presidents, wellknown artists, writers and photographers have visited the unique island with the interesting history and safe anchoring places.
Even in the 16th century local men acted as pilots for the Swedish navy in the shallow and rocky waters and the frontline between the Swedish and Russian fleets during the war 1808-1809 was located around Högsåra, too.
Farmor’s Café is situated about a 10 minutes’ walk from the guest harbour. In the café is served lunch, archipelago buffet and a famous cake-selection.

Booking and information:

Jocke Rosvall


+358(0)400 – 440 802